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    Through Was hab’ ich? (What Do I Have?), an online translation service for diagnostic findings, Anja Bittner ensures future doctors communicate in a clear, empathetic, and transparent way. Anja also empowers patients to meet their doctors at eye-level, which fosters a new doctor-patient relationship and creates a basis for shared decision-making.

    Priscila Gonsales is transforming the classroom experience of primary and secondary school teachers and students by revitalizing and customizing existing pedagogical resources to reflect the realities and needs of Brazil’s diverse students. Priscila helps educators and students see themselves as content producers, not just consumers of information, while also introducing new models for national teacher training and textbook production.

    In a societal context where criminal bias and a cycle of prisoner re-offense is present, ex-offender Volkert Ruhe helps juvenile delinquents decide against a criminal career by engaging them in honest dialogue with current and former prisoners. The exchange is mutually transformative, and leads to better opportunities for social integration. Through the program’s design, ex-prisoners are the driving force in changing both their own reputation and criminal patterns among young people in Germany.

    Iwan Mucipto is setting out to create a union of all those helping the increasingly marginalized coastal populations, both the fishermen and their communities, of the islands of Indonesia's poor Eastern half.

    In response to growing numbers of violent clashes arising from land disputes between rural farmers and powerful landlords, Herlambang has designed and piloted a nonviolent dispute resolution program, the ultimate goal of which is to assist rural communities in reclaiming land once seized by Indonesia's central government.

    Omar Azad Chowdhury, an educator and successful inventor, is working to eliminate “science phobia” among school children in Bangladesh. He has developed teaching aids and a hands-on method that makes science fun for children, motivating them to better understand it and use it as a tool for their own development, with the ultimate goal of sparking greater innovation for the country’s economic development.

    Kevin Ekwenwa is reducing the high startup costs associated with fish farming and providing group financing solutions and training to empower young people to be successful aquaculture entrepreneurs in Nigeria. Through this model, young people can create employment opportunities for themselves while meeting local consumption demand for fish through local production.

    Christian Vanizette has designed an accessible, yet highly structured approach for social entrepreneurs worldwide to resolve strategic and operational challenges, by drawing from the collective intelligence of a global network of citizens willing to engage their skills and creativity for social change.

    Leveraging the connections between people and their pets, Michelle Lem is bridging the gap between marginalized populations and critical support services by offering free veterinary care, leading to free person care. Michelle is also engaging veterinarians as community health workers, redefining their roles as engaged citizens rather than just animal doctors.

    Mathias Bodman Yashim is providing young people with the skills and opportunities for practical leadership experiences in order to create a generation of entrepreneurs who generate jobs for themselves and others, instead of endlessly searching for employment.