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    François Marty is setting new standards and redefining what public housing should look like: Aesthetic, high quality, ecological houses. With municipalities, he is shifting the vision of public housing operators and demonstrating the economic viability of such houses. He is also creating and training an entirely new sector of social enterprises, employing those most marginalized in ecological construction.

    Singham is changing the refugee camp model in Sri Lanka by permanently resettling those displaced by decades of armed conflict. Based on a model of integration, rather than isolation, his approach has brought dignity to the internally displaced people, and challenged the prejudices of the communities in the resettlement areas.

    Combating a society-wide fear of dealing with the problem of mental illness, Manuela shifts the focus from psychological disorders to the concept of mental fitness.

    Raul Krauthausen is promoting the inclusion and awareness of urban wheelchair users through the first crowdsourced online map of wheelchair-friendly places around the world.

    Jean-Loup Mouysset, trained as an oncologist, is revolutionizing the handling of chronic diseases by involving citizens in the process of follow-up and long-term support. The results of his pilot with cancer patients demonstrates the efficiency of his mindful community-based approach by influencing compliance to treatment, improving physical and psychological well-being, and reducing relapse and mortality rates.

    Made Indrawati, who grew up in West Bali National Park, is leading an effort to encourage local people to participate in the management of parks and other protected areas.

    Andile Carelse, a well-known South African singer, is leading the fight to end sexual abuse and violence across her country by creating forums to empower young people to talk about abuse and seek help. Using her extensive connections to celebrities, police, counselors, and teachers, she is getting at the root of why sexual abuse happens and what society can do to stop it.

    Betty has created the Chipo Chedu Society to fight pervasive prejudice against childless women in Zimbabwe. Betty organizes childless women, helps them learn skills they need to support themselves, and works with all strata of society, from traditional leaders to mass media, to help raise awareness of the problem.

    Through Was hab’ ich? (What Do I Have?), an online translation service for diagnostic findings, Anja Bittner ensures future doctors communicate in a clear, empathetic, and transparent way. Anja also empowers patients to meet their doctors at eye-level, which fosters a new doctor-patient relationship and creates a basis for shared decision-making.

    Priscila Gonsales is transforming the classroom experience of primary and secondary school teachers and students by revitalizing and customizing existing pedagogical resources to reflect the realities and needs of Brazil’s diverse students. Priscila helps educators and students see themselves as content producers, not just consumers of information, while also introducing new models for national teacher training and textbook production.