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    Innocent Uworibhor is fighting discrimination against people with stigmatized illnesses by focusing on the plight of former lepers, ensuring that they are treated with the same dignity accorded other Nigerian citizens.

    Pierre Rabhi has used principles of agroecology to improve yields and living conditions across the French and West-African agricultural sectors. Through innovative training methods, he has helped over 150,000 farmers diagnose the best way to adapt and apply ecological practices to their land and cultures, effectively uniting thousands of citizens in a movement to restore and protect environmental and social ecosystems.

    Katja Urbatsch empowers young people with non-academic family backgrounds to start and succeed in university. She addresses the fact that few of the first high school graduates in their families consider university as a career option. Her mentoring network and information platform overcome barriers like financial concerns, social networks and low regard for the typically free German university education.

    Gülcan Nitsch develops new approaches to recruit Germany’s largest minority group, Turkish immigrants, in environmental protection efforts. Gülcan is diversifying and broadening the base of the country’s environmental movement, she is creating a healthier environment and helping to foster better integrated communities.

    Tristan Lecomte is enabling companies and consumers to contribute to large-scale carbon reduction and is developing the market for carbon neutral products. Understanding that associated costs for traditional industries and the complexity of carbon markets hinder the goals of the Kyoto Protocol, Tristan has created a unique cycle integrating fair trade with the assessment, reduction, and offsetting of carbon emissions.

    Recognizing the systematic discrimination that underage asylum seekers experience Michael is providing young refugees a chance for education and integration into German society while also changing negative public perceptions towards this group. By establishing and spreading a cost efficient and effective private school system for this highly discriminated group, Michael develops the individual skills and potentials of youth refugees throughout Germany.

    Jake Shapiro is democratizing public media by creating an open architecture and marketplace that allows new producer entrants, delivers greater choice in programming, and guides the field from traditional broadcasting to a flexible and interactive multimedia approach.

    Carlos Alberto “Beto” Ricardo has been a staunch defender of environmental and indigenous rights for the past 35 years. Beto is spearheading a socioenvironmental development approach in Brazil, which brings the traditional knowledge and wisdom of indigenous groups to the forefront and entrenches their rights through public policy changes and economic undertakings.

    Responding to the lack of adequate, affordable childcare solutions after school hours, Chantal Mainguené has created the first integrated, scalable afterschool program in France. By mobilizing latent resources in the community, Chantal is demonstrating how it is possible to offer a high-quality solution to low-income families, single parents, and parents who work outside of school hours.

    Ronny Dimara is building a network of community organizations that links remote island peoples facing unprecedented threats to their natural resource base and way of life.