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    Transforming the way people understand the value and economic potential of Nepal’s rivers, Megh Ale is saving the rivers of Nepal through ecotourism, conservation, and cleanup through his organization, the Nepal River Conservation Trust. Megh is creating new opportunities for people in Nepal and all over the world to experience and benefit from Nepal’s rivers and waterways.

    Tahir is breaking the silence around sexual abuse in Pakistan by linking it to the spread of HIV. Focusing on transvestite prostitutes as key transmitters, he is forcing widespread recognition of the relationship between social taboos around sex and the rise in male-to-male sex and sexual abuse that is fueling the AIDS epidemic.

    Benjamin Mbakwem uses traditional Nigerian social institutions to address the AIDS epidemic in a manner that simultaneously strengthens civil society and provides young people with better economic opportunities.

    Having lived under strict state control of media for more than three decades, Indonesians are finally enjoying greater freedom of the press. However, most have limited access to independent news. Tosca Santoso founded an independent radio news industry that is capable of delivering public-interest news to the entire population.

    Through a certified organic farmers' cooperative, Gerrit Hendriks gives small farmers a competitive niche in organic produce and the capacity to market and sell their products directly, thus keeping commercial farms from pushing them out of the market.

    Hildegard Schooß recreates community-based forms of care, volunteering and entrepreneurship in uniquely designed multigenerational houses. With hundreds of such centers across Germany, her program is a powerful antidote to individualism, isolation and exclusion that often characterize urban life by providing mothers, children, and the elderly with a vital space for community members to incubate new programs, services and businesses to serve their needs.

    Over the last 15 years, Marie has designed a model to make citizen engagement a normal step in young peoples’ lives and has thus created the infrastructure to help them become social changemakers.

    Precious Emelue is tackling the profound economic disjunctions in the oil rich Nigerian riverine states. He is building bridges between unemployed and alienated youth and the region's major international investors.

    Journalist and long-time women's rights activist, Fatoumata Sow is creating a community radio station which addresses the educational and development needs of women in Senegal and broadcasts from their perspective. The station will demonstrate how other citizens' groups can use radio for civic education, and it is capable of reaching constituents throughout the region.

    Troubled by the congestion, delay, cost, and lack of access to justice characteristic of the Nigerian court system, Peter Kehinde Aina has set up the first African alternative dispute resolution center that is formally connected to the regular courts in Nigeria.