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    Eli Beer has created a strong network of volunteer emergency medical helpers to fill the gap between the first call to ambulance companies in life-threatening situations and the actual arrival time of medical professionals. Through his fleet of ambucycles, several thousand volunteers and training programs, Eli has accelerated response time to within minutes, while additionally bringing Muslim, Jewish, and Christian communities together to solve this common yet crucial issue.

    Anna Stevanato promotes bilingualism as a tool for children of immigrant descent to build their identity and strengthen their learning skills. Through bilingualism, Anna empowers children to succeed in school and connect to the broader French community. In doing so, she is ensuring that diversity is something to be proud of, for children, families, communities, and society as a whole.

    Rupert Voss hat ein neues Wiedereingliederungsprogramm für gewalttätige jugendliche Wiederholungstäter entwickelt, das innerhalb eines Jahres bis zu 80 Prozent der jungen Männer wieder in feste Arbeitsverhältnisse bringt.

    Jamila Abass is helping farmers trapped in subsistence agriculture move into commercial farming by leveraging available mobile technology to provide needed real-time information and incentivize collective action. Jamila’s technology platform links farmers to markets and creates an ecosystem of knowledge exchange, aggregation, and opportunity spotting that shifts them into productive commercial farming.

    Dr. Frank Hoffmann pioneers a diagnostically superior, personal, low-cost breast examination method by training blind people as skilled diagnosticians. Frank’s approach integrates them into the primary health care infrastructure, while enhancing women’s health care experience and opening an entirely new professional path to a differently-abled constituency.

    A leading expert in health care in Germany and Turkey, Ramazan Salman is changing society's approach towards immigration and the integration of immigrants. By creatively involving the German public, he creates encounters that cause people to overcome deeply rooted prejudice.

    Pediatrician George Askew has created a way for children’s doctors to actively promote policies and practices that will improve the health and development of infants and young children across the United States, taking the practice of medicine beyond clinic walls.

    In many of America’s schools, violence poses a significant threat to children’s safety and performance in class. Eric Dawson is counteracting this with a program that engages youth in peacemaking and conflict resolution. Peace Games brings together students, teachers, and volunteers to collectively change the status quo and reject violence as an inevitable presence on school playgrounds.

    The increase of coastal development and illegal fishing practices has wreaked havoc in the marine environment of Indonesia. For local communities who rely on fishing as their main source of livelihood, this has meant a drastic decrease in income. In most cases, the citizen sector has responded to the crisis by spearheading conservation efforts that do not take into account the livelihoods of the local residents.

    Transforming the way people understand the value and economic potential of Nepal’s rivers, Megh Ale is saving the rivers of Nepal through ecotourism, conservation, and cleanup through his organization, the Nepal River Conservation Trust. Megh is creating new opportunities for people in Nepal and all over the world to experience and benefit from Nepal’s rivers and waterways.