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    Due to their poor thermic insulation, 10% of the total energy consumption in France is from individual houses built before 1975. Structuring a large-scale supply solution for thermic renovation, Vincent Legrand is transforming this issue into a social, environmental and economic opportunity.

    Shubhendu Sharma is changing the framework of urban landscaping and afforestation by influencing two key groups—government and corporations—to adopt methods that optimally use land to increase green cover.

    Having developed a successful model for species protection and habitat conservation that strikes a winning balance between citizen, government and private business participation, César Musso is now setting out to spread his approach throughout Brazil.

    Since 1950, 20 percent of sea species have disappeared and the rate of extinction of marine species has been accelerating so fast that there could be few wild fish left by 2050. To reverse this situation, Claire Nouvian is building a collaborative research community that enables and pushes companies, citizen organizations (COs), and governments to change every step in how the world deals with the oceans. With her organization, Bloom, Claire is enjoying early species preservation successes.

    Brendan Dunford is creating a new approach to sustaining some of our most iconic and best loved landscapes by placing farmers at the creative center of developing and delivering key conservation actions.

    Bren Smith is building a blue-green economy centered on a 3D ocean farm that will restore oceans and re-invent the fishing profession.

    Lake Sagaris is tackling the challenges confronting Latin American megacities by launching and nurturing a citizen-based structure for involvement in planning and city management. With a parallel goal of redefining and implementing what makes cities livable, Ciudad Viva (Living City) is reframing how decisions are made in Latin America’s urban areas.

    Clemens is leveraging the power of sports and Physical Education to transform the education system in Tanzania and by so doing empowering children to develop their own potential as changemakers in the society.

    Mogaji is making agricultural employment a viable and attractive livelihood for young Nigerians by connecting farmers with unused resources and providing the extension support needed to modernize production and improve yields.

    Murat Vural geht durch ein gezieltes Hilfsnetzwerk von Migranten für Migranten verschiedener Ausbildungsstufen gegen die schlechten Bildungschancen von Migrantenkindern vor.