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    Through the construction of a core South African Sign Language, Robert Simmons, a 60-year-old deaf-born human biologist, is working to unite the 3 million members of South Africa's deaf community.

    Nancy is building a legal structure that allows indigenous groups to negotiate legal contracts on access to their biological resources and traditional knowledge. She is also raising citizens' awareness of the legal controversies surrounding resource and knowledge ownership. Ultimately, she is fighting to regulate the use of these assets and struggling to allow developing countries to reap some of the benefits of their natural resource wealth.

    Jonah Edelman is creating a voice for the silent among us—children—by enabling citizen leaders to help children get the excellent public education and support they need to thrive. Framing child advocacy as a 21st century civil rights issue, Jonah aims to create an independent, non-partisan voice for children.

    Quarraisha Abdool Karim is pioneering a gender-focused regional strategy to guide anti-AIDS efforts in Natal, the region in South Africa most affected by the epidemic. She has founded a comprehensive AIDS research program in the region, which is based on community participation and aimed toward causing preventative changes in behavior patterns. In 1995, Quarraisha was appointed to the Ministry of Health as National AIDS Coordinator.

    Trevor works with students, teachers and parents to create sustainably clean schools in South African townships. Of course, cleanliness alone is not his goal; it is a carefully chosen starting point for reviving a culture of civic involvement among people who have become disengaged from public life.

    Sahra Luyt is empowering fisherwomen to become central players in South Africa's largely white, male-dominated fishing industry.

    Josphat is transforming the justice system in Zambia from a punitive to a restorative paradigm through a multi-stakeholder community approach that combines policy advocacy and programmatic implementation of Community Correction Centres (CCC)-Building Lives for Children in conflict with the law and at Risk.

    Flick Asvat is teaching young people in South African townships to help themselves and each other become proactive in their own education and to rise above the lack of opportunities presented to them.

    Elisabeth Raith-Paula is changing a long-practiced paradigm of sex education in Germany by applying the principle that children learn to appreciate and value their bodies as the miracles they are before dealing with their sexuality in matters of disease and pregnancy prevention. Elisabeth allows girls and boys to build a strong body competence before puberty as a basis for self-confidence concerning their sexuality and informed decision-making throughout their personal development.

    John Wilson is both a teacher and an agricultural reformer. Because the sort of sustainable farming he is introducing requires each farmer to think and plan creatively, he is both protecting Zimbabwe's natural resource base, which is increasingly at risk, and pressing the essence of development: the people's skill and will to think and take charge.