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    In South Africa's Eastern Cape province, Lesley Ann Foster (1996) is engaged in pioneering efforts to develop much-needed services for women and girls who are the victims of domestic violence and abuse. She is also pursuing a carefully conceived, complementary campaign to raise awareness of the problem and actions needed promptly throughout South Africa.

    Trade unionist Lydia Ngwenya, returning to her rural roots, created the Rural Women's Movement to develop gender consciousness among women, men and youth and to advance issues critical to very poor rural women, including land and water ownership and access, housing, and participation in village decision-making bodies.

    David Domenici is creating a broad system of supports to give high-risk urban youth the educational, economic, and emotional tools they need for success.

    Paul Rieckhoff is building a new type of veterans organization to meet the needs of a new generation of returning soldiers, nurture their leadership potential, and transform the national conversation around veterans issues and combat.

    Jose-Pablo Fernandez offers vital job training to Hispanic immigrants while increasing their involvement in their children’s education. He creates programs to help kids succeed in school, teach parents key technological skills, and strengthen the bonds among Hispanic families.

    Citizen organizations around the world use football (also know as soccer), as a way to reach out to young people. While these groups have various goals—safer streets, better schools, improved health, a cleaner environment—they have a powerful tool in common.

    Kovin Naidoo is revolutionizing access to eye care and eyeglasses for South Africa’s rural poor through a new economic model that provides benefits to all participants. Providing ultra low-cost eye services and eyeglasses to the rural poor, it also creates a system of sustainable and replicable training and employment of eye care providers and lens manufacturers.

    Gabriela Ender has developed a unique real-time collaboration system that brings people together across borders and allows them to jointly come up with constructive bottom-up solutions to their pressing problems. With her revolutionary OpenSpace-Online® methodology she empowers social organizations and businesses to find a new, constructive way to cope with change, to open new spaces for co-creative excellence, and to allow for more democratic and sustainable decision making.

    Myrna Wajsman Lewis introduces Deep Democracy, a decision-making process, into public school curricula that enables learners to gain experience in decision making and group dynamics while also reducing prejudice-driven conflict among South Africans.

    Franz Dullinger is reforming European Union (EU) and regional political processes in economically weak regions of Germany, helping citizens take charge of their own development.