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    Fermín is democratizing access to potable water in rural Mexican communities using technologies and community models that provide access to low-cost, high-quality drinking water. Fermín’s ultimate goal is to allow everyone in these communities constant access to potable water while empowering community members with ownership and quality control of their water sources.

    Zdeněk Slejška is empowering both Czech schools and citizens to transform their education system from within. To do this, Zdeněk repositions schools as centers of community life and incentivizes parents, experts, businesses and communities to become stakeholders in education.

    Abby Falik is preparing a globally-minded generation of leaders by embedding the bridge year into the American higher education system, transforming the way young people transition into college and approach higher education and careers.

    Isolation and inactivity among marginalized communities – from refugee camps to underprivileged neighborhoods – can have dramatic consequences such as violence and physical and mental health problems in communities. In response, Jérémy is defining a new standard for libraries in the 21st Century, repositioning their role in communities as key vectors of economic and human development.

    Raul Mendoza is unleashing creativity for social development in indigenous and low-income communities in Mexico. His organization, Germinalia, is using creative education and the transformation of public spaces into “spaces of possibility” to help individuals, especially young people, define their own identity and see the power of their own possibility.

    Gregor Hackmack has created an impartial online platform that enables direct, public dialogue between individual citizens and their elected representatives, holds politicians accountable to the public, and gives citizens easy access to political information. With a rigorous commitment to transparency, Gregor brings value to politicians and voters alike and is overcoming the gap between them to enable a new form of democratic participation.

    Mary is empowering rural communities to better their physical, psychological, and financial health. By using an integrative development model with a focus on female empowerment, the organization employs scientific research to promote the consumption and supply of local products. Mary is using amaranth, a plant endemic to Mexico with high nutritional content, to join these elements together in a holistic and innovative initiative.

    Vera Bechynova helps children face difficult domestic situations by empowering families to address their own problems and preserve the family structure. Instead of placing needy children in sub-marginal orphanages or state institutions, she has developed an integrated social system to support families at risk.

    Isabel Cruz is expanding rural savings cooperatives in Mexico to include access to bank credit for campesinos.

    Although stroke is often perceived as occurring primarily among the elderly, it also strikes infants, and can even occur before birth. It is one of the top ten causes of death for children, yet public awareness is extremely low, early detection is limited, and rehabilitation is inadequate.