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    Ngu Morcho is transforming the healthcare system in Nigeria to be accessible, affordable and people-centered. He is incorporating digital technology to empower key players and patients’ community and raising awareness about prevention. To do this, he is breeding new cohorts of healthcare entrepreneurs.

    Carla Fernandez is creating a movement to build an ethical and sustainable supply chain in the fashion sector by enabling artisans to be protagonists in the design process and promoting fairer industrial procedures throughout the value chain.

    Mariana is strengthening democracy and increasing civic participation by creating new incentive structures that promote transparency and accountability among politicians and strengthen civil society, while driving a shift towards a culture of respect and empathy between politicians, citizens and civil society.

    Ashoka Young Changemakers


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    Changemaker School

    École Saint Joseph Boondael

    Changemaker School

    Los Supercívicos is creating a movement of active, engaged citizens and more accountable governments by making civic participation easier and more accessible through the use of humor and technology.

    Ashoka Scandinavia's Publications


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    Ashoka Scandinavia Changemaker Schools


    In Scandinavia, Ashoka is creating a network of schools (up to university level) from Sweden, Denmark and Norway that are cultivating Changema