Live Social Intrapreneurship

How can the world address some of the greatest social challenges in a way that is both sustainable and scalable?

Eli Malinsky, executive director of the new Center for Social Innovation in New York City, shared a trend for the future of social innovation: “We need to move the corporate needle closer and closer towards social change. Looking through this lens of social entrepreneurship, large corporations and multinationals can scale social impact to unprecedented levels through pragmatic, incremental changes.” 

With that said, harnessing social impact does not have to be pushed to the fringes of a remote CSR strategy, but can actually offer smart returns. More and more, investing in “bottom of the pyramid” markets or developing environmentally responsible products is being woven directly into the business strategy of some of the world’s largest corporate firms.

But who are these corporate weavers, shifting the business needle towards delivering unmatched social change? They are a lost tribe of social innovators building better business from the inside out and breaking down silos between sectors in their wake: social intrapreneurs. To find them and harness their potential, Ashoka Changemakers and Accenture, as the convening sponsor, have joined forces to run the inaugural League of Social Intrapreneurs online competition.

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