Have You Ever Watched a Movement Start?

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First it begins with one person thinking outside of the box and venturing down a new path. Before you know it, someone else becomes compelled and joins in. And then another. And another. Soon a tidal wave of people have come together to push their idea and vision into the public’s view for all to see.

Come to think of it, it’s kind of similar to how a Flashmob starts. In case you’ve never heard of this relatively new phenomenon, a Flashmob is a synchronized but organic coming-together of a large group of people, designed to draw attention in a public space to a particular cause or statement. Participants could burst into a choreographed dance, or perhaps freeze in place. Whatever the arrangement, you should also know that it is a ton of fun!

This Wednesday, July 28th, at 5PM at the Key Bridge in Arlington over fifty Ashoka summer interns and staff organized a Flashmob to raise awareness of Ashoka’s mission as well as to advertise the two new marketing videos created by Ashoka interns this summer. Ashoka envisions a world in which everyone is a changemaker and works together to create a world in which all have the ability and support to do big things to transform their world. Similar to how a Flashmob needs more than one participant to make an impact, Ashoka’s leading social entrepreneurs need wide-spread, grassroots support from members in their communities in order to bring to fruition their systems-changing ideas.

Drawing a parallel to how one drop of rain can lead to a rushing river, the first intern-produced video highlights this “Everyone a Changemaker” message. The video can be watched below/here.

Having heard this call to take action and drawing inspiration from Ashoka's history, this summer’s interns have come from around the world and from many stages of life. Happily dedicating their time outside of work to bring these messages to the greater global community, they hope you enjoy the videos and join us for our Flashmob!