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Ashoka Bangladesh was launched in 1987 when we began supporting system change social entrepreneurs in the country, as Ashoka Fellows. To date, we have supported more than 90 men and women with creative new approaches for solving social problems and connected them into a dynamic peer network to help them grow their ideas and impact.

Today Ashoka is the world’s largest network of leading social entrepreneurs and ranks among the top 5 NGOs of the world.

Impacting millions of people and communities through their work, our Fellows include people like agriculture development activist  Shykh Seraj, human rights defender Shahidul Islam Chowdhury (Uttaran), Philip Gain (SEHD) and Salma Ali (BNWLA).  Working in socio-economic upliftment, people like Humaira Islam (Shakti Foundation) and Prof. Hosne Ara Begum (TMSS), author and activist of the rural ultra poor Runa Khan (Friendship NGO), among several others.

Currently, we have over 70+ Ashoka Fellows in wide-ranging fields such as farming, education, human rights, finance, local media, and women and youth empowerment, across Bangladesh. Our Global Academy members include Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus (Grameen Bank) and World Food Prize Awardee Sir Fazle Hasan Abed (BRAC) from Bangladesh

Ashoka Bangladesh functions as a collaborative network that supports and amplifies change by bringing together these changemakers.

In the course of our work, having witnessed the changing patterns in society over close to three decades, and the way our problems are increasing at a pace faster than we can solve them, we have realized that to truly make things better for everyone we need to head towards a world where everyone is a changemaker. And just like social entrepreneurs, the world needs everyone to start practising skills like empathy, teamwork, leadership, and problem-solving.

In the last couple of years, Ashoka has also worked closely with organisations like BRAC, Friendship, Toru, DNet and others to launch initiatives like the BRAC University Empathy Lab and the Frugal Innovation Forum on 'Scaling Opportunities for Youth.'

To this end, we believe that changemaking has to start young, and through our programs like Venture and Fellowship and #LeadYoung we find, develop, and support young changemakers, enabling them to be role models in their communities, and give them the skills to thrive in our changing world.


Our Programs

Ashoka Young Changemakers

Ashoka Young Changemakers is a global network of powerful young people who are creating an Everyone A Changemaker world. Each young changemaker elected have launched social initiatives, formed peer-led teams, and created solutions for the good of all while activating others to join in. Now, they are...
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「リードヤング」は、ストーリーテリングの取り組みです。問題を特定し、チームを編成して先導し、解決策を生み出した若者の力について広く知らしめることを目指しています。これらのストーリーにより、誰もが新しい現実について理解しやすくなるでしょう。あらゆるものが変化しており、そして「成長」という言葉の意味を再定義する必要があることを認識しやすくなるでしょう。 これにより、21世紀をナビゲートする新しいフレームワークに焦点が当たります。全ての人が他者の気持ちを考え、チームワーク、新しいリーダーシップ、そしてチェンジメーキングに取り組んでいます。

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