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    Jennifer Bailey: Faith Matters Network


    Mary Buren Elementary School

    Scuola Changemaker

    Angelou Ezeilo: Greening Youth Foundation


    Katie Orenstein: The OpEd Project


    Laurindo is creating replicable online communities that enable LGBT and HIV-positive youth to connect and collaborate with community organizations, service providers, government institutions – and one another – to accelerate the movement for gay rights and sexual health in Southeast Asia and beyond.

    Recognising that the women’s movement in Sri Lanka needs a new generation of leaders post its deadly civil war, Shreen is creating a new cadre of young women that is bringing new solutions to overcome the socio-cultural inequalities that have long prevented women from exercising their citizenship in the country.

    Associazione 21 Luglio - Carlo Stasolla


    Nel suo libro Planet of Slums (Il Pianeta degli Slum, cioè delle baraccopoli) il giornalista Mike Davis stima

    Carlo Stasolla


    Fellow dal 2017

    Organizzazione: Associazione 21 Luglio

    Top LGBT Supporters That Inspire Us

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