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    EIR Lessons in Perspective: A conversation with Western Union Executive in Residence Alumni Maureen Sigliano


    Maureen Sigliano, Vice President, Global Loyalty Development & Western Union Membership, Paris, partnered with

    Nathanaël Molle - SINGA


    Negli ultimi decenni la Francia, come molti altri paesi sviluppati, ha dovuto affrontare l'arrivo di un numero crescente di rifu

    Hello Europe


    Hello Europe, è l'acceleratore di Ashoka dedicato ai temi della migrazi

    Zarah has created a new strategy for supporting refugees to find long-term employment by using a temporary employment agency model to overcome the integration barriers for both refugees and companies. In so doing, she is also easing the social integration of this rapidly growing population in Germany.

    Syrian Ashoka Fellow Arrives in Canada


    Through his organization, Dubarah, Edward is creating a system of support -

    Regi Haslett-Marroquin engages immigrant, young, small, new and established agricultural entrepreneurs in the US in refining and championing a global model for small-scale, poultry-powered (and planet cooling), scalable regenerative agriculture system.