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    Anshu K. Gupta is facilitating an economic bridge between urban, wealthy India and impoverished, rural India by simply sharing the surplus of wealth. Anshu is establishing a culture of sustained donations in India by creating a mechanism for second-hand clothes and goods to pass from the wealthy to the poor.

    Most scientific research in agriculture in Africa has focused solely on cash crops. Therefore, although genetic modification has the ability to greatly improve food production, it has not benefited African smallholder farmers who produce over ninety percent of food.

    This profile is dedicated to the memory of Nitin More, founder of LEARN Mahila Kamgar Sangathana. It is his passion, integrity, and vision that have changed how thousands of women think not what they cannot do, but of what they can, and the contribution they will each make to society.

    Tosan Oruwariye is saving lives by building innovative global partnerships that make healthcare technology affordable to people in developing countries.

    Juan José Oña creatively engages community and youth groups in a comprehensive multi-media documentation of native Uruguayan fauna and flora. In so doing, he is laying the social and technical foundations for Uruguayan environmental conservation.

    Chibuzo Ekwekwuo is using the courts, schools, media, and other avenues to deter corruption among government officials, and through that effort, to instill a new ethic of citizenship in Nigeria.

    Shantaram Umanath Shenai ("Shantu"), who is popularly known in and around India's commercial capital of Mumbai (Bombay) as the "Garbage Guru," is successfully demonstrating "earthworm technology" for recycling and sustainable ecological re-development.

    A role model for young leaders in Chile, Daniel Tawrycky has created a tutoring program that brings together university students and disadvantaged children in an effort to develop among the children the skills needed to overcome poverty, and to inculcate among the university students a lifelong commitment to community service.

    Carlos Mamani reduces discrimination and social alienation among Bolivia's indigenous peoples by strengthening and legitimizing the traditional ayllu system of governance in the Andean highlands.

    Jean-Claude Decalonne is providing struggling French pupils in at-risk neighborhoods with the tools they need to succeed academically and socially. By engaging parents, teachers and the broader community in supporting and developing young people’s potential, he is showing society the value of alternative paths to education and success for children.