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    What Leading Social Entrepreneurs Are Telling Us


    After running one of the largest and most diverse studies of system changing entrepreneurs ever collected this past spring, Ashoka now has the data to show that Kritaya and Christoph are not anomalies — nearly half of Ashoka Fellows had their first changemaking experience before the age of 21.

    The New Reality


    The Historic Moment

    Ending Corruption


    Have You Ever Watched a Movement Start?


    First it begins with one person thinking outside of the box and venturing down a new path.

    TEDxAshokaU videos now online


    On February 19 the AshokaU team hosted TEDxAshokaU, an independently-organized TED event focused on education.

    Youth Venturer featured on


    In 2009 Starbucks partnered with Ashoka's Youth Venture to support 60 new Youth Venturers which involved over 1,000 young people creating change in

    Announcing the Finalists of the @15 Community Impact Challenge


    Ashoka’s Youth Venture and Best Buy Co., Inc.