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    Christine is providing migrant and residential farm workers in rural areas in South Africa with a set of on-site integrated health solutions, especially related to HIV/AIDS, by employing a peer-to-peer caregiving structure that reinforces behavior change towards a positive lifestyle. This is done in parallel to the building of a working environment that is conducive to the acceptance of their health condition both by their peers and their employers.

    With an initial focus on the coffee industry, Paul Rice is using Fair Trade to transform global trade practices and ensure that farmers in developing countries earn a fair price for the goods they produce.

    Anu Wakhlu is helping middle-aged Indian housewives to identify the individual skills and strengths from which they can choose appropriate careers and help break down the prejudice and structural impediments to their employment. Her programs also help young people better identify educational paths and career goals and subsequently break through the barriers to their employment as well.

    Dorelle Sapere is using her skills as an architect to help twenty million South Africans without viable housing build durable, safe, and comfortable shelter from locally available materials themselves.

    Charles Maisel has provided South African men with a method for preventing violence against women, in a nation that has the highest rate of violence against women of any country not at war.

    The accumulated savings of co-operative societies, an indigenous type of credit union, are estimated to be equal to the assets of one of the largest banks in South Africa. Sam Muofhe has developed a way to aggregate and reinvest the wealth of these societies so that they will bring dramatically increased benefits to the black community.

    Earl Martin Phalen has professionalized and popularized rigorous out-of-school-time education across the United States.

    Ilona Dougherty is fostering civic participation among apathetic youth by enhancing their democratic literacy. To do so she has created a multi-layered strategy using popular music concerts, workshops, and a youth-oriented online platform to cultivate volunteerism and increase civic engagement. She also builds bridges between Members of Parliament, elected officials, and youth, opening opportunities for direct dialogue.

    Bernd Gebert is enabling youth to act as agents of change in a national movement, “Das macht Schule” (literally: “This is what school does” an idiom for “a practice, that becomes common”). Beginning with hands-on activities that yield quick but impacting success stories, Bernd uses these success triggers to build the youths’ sense of citizenship, unleash their potential, and connect them with each other.

    By creating publicly-funded, inner-city college preparatory schools, Raj Vinnakota and The SEED Foundation are changing the way the public, private, and citizen sectors invest in education and urban communities.