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    Van Jones is bringing a higher standard of accountability to the criminal justice system at a time when the number of US prisons is multiplying and police harassment is becoming an issue of increasing public concern.

    Julian Ugarte is creating a youth-led and society-supported movement to address the problems of inequality in Chile and throughout Latin America. His organization, Socialab, is popularizing social problem-solving by providing the resources, credibility, and call to action for people from all walks of life, especially young people, to be protagonists in developing solutions wherever they see challenges.

    Fidela Ebuk is building a health-oriented rural women's savings and loan movement from among the widespread traditional women's saving groups known as Osusu.

    A traditional spirit medium entrusted with the care of the environment, Lydia Chabata has organized remarkably successful tree-planting programs by drawing on the spiritual authority and natural leadership of similarly concerned mediums.

    Beginning with the trucking industry, Kendis Paris is building an anti-human trafficking movement model that could be applied across every mode of transportation in the US and beyond.

    Working in arid and semiarid regions of Zimbabwe, Osmond Mugweni encourages livestock farmers to adopt a collective land management system to improve productivity and halt desertification.

    Rebecca Onie is building a movement to break the link between poverty and poor health by mobilizing undergraduate volunteers to provide sustained public health interventions in partnership with urban medical centers, universities, and community organizations.

    Modern agricultural policy and the heavy subsidization of industrial farms in Europe have stripped farmers of their political and economic influence, creating an overall state of listlessness in rural Spain and driving many to abandon the profession altogether. In response, Beatriz Fadón Junyent is helping traditional farmers transition to eco-farming to revitalize the industry and improve environmental sustainability.

    The global Ashoka community mourns the loss of Fellow Charles Julius Banda who passed away on August 5, 2013 in Blantyre Malawi. Charles, the first Ashoka Fellow elected from Malawi, founded Freshwater Project Malawi to provide clean water and decent sanitation facilities to households and primary schools in Malawi’s rural communities through an asset-based community model.

    Shadrack Tshivhase offers struggling day care centers a unique and valuable combination of services that significantly increases the centers' potential to effectively educate and care for South Africa's youngest children and their families.