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    Sadat's App Helps Small Businesses Keep Track of Credit


    Sadat, 16, is a social innovator and an Ashoka Youth Venturer.

    Meghla is Fighting for an End to Child Marriage


    Setting out to change tradition is hard and often dangerous.

    Shawon Wants Programming to be Accessible to Everyone


    Computers have changed the world over the past 40 years, but being able to create programs and software remains limited to a small group of people.

    Yusuf Is Helping Teens Turn Their Passion Into A Profession


    Reflective Teens is an organisation working with teenager

    Sudeepto Brings Stories Alive for the Blind


    Sudeepto is the founder of ‘Shruto’, an organisation dedicated to creating audiobooks for the visually impaired in Bangladesh to provide them acces

    Labib Works to Include Disabled People in Society


    Labib founded the organization InclusionX at the age of 16 years old.