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    Dorelle Sapere is using her skills as an architect to help twenty million South Africans without viable housing build durable, safe, and comfortable shelter from locally available materials themselves.

    Charles Maisel has provided South African men with a method for preventing violence against women, in a nation that has the highest rate of violence against women of any country not at war.

    The accumulated savings of co-operative societies, an indigenous type of credit union, are estimated to be equal to the assets of one of the largest banks in South Africa. Sam Muofhe has developed a way to aggregate and reinvest the wealth of these societies so that they will bring dramatically increased benefits to the black community.

    Earl Martin Phalen has professionalized and popularized rigorous out-of-school-time education across the United States.

    Bernd Gebert is enabling youth to act as agents of change in a national movement, “Das macht Schule” (literally: “This is what school does” an idiom for “a practice, that becomes common”). Beginning with hands-on activities that yield quick but impacting success stories, Bernd uses these success triggers to build the youths’ sense of citizenship, unleash their potential, and connect them with each other.

    By creating publicly-funded, inner-city college preparatory schools, Raj Vinnakota and The SEED Foundation are changing the way the public, private, and citizen sectors invest in education and urban communities.

    Solomon Cedile has created a nonformal education program for young people, leaders of community organizations, and ordinary citizens to help them take part in social development in South African townships.

    Esther Cossie is mobilizing rural youth to help combat abuse, particularly domestic violence, in remote and impoverished rural communities of South Africa's Eastern Cape.

    In rural Mozambique schools are almost non-existent, having been destroyed in the country’s civil war. Agostinho Mamade is rebuilding and staffing these schools, and getting the support of formerly apathetic parents by appealing to their desire to see their children become upstanding, productive adults.

    By creating the first nonprofit pharmaceutical company in the U.S., Victoria Hale is working to develop safe, effective and affordable drugs to treat neglected diseases that afflict largely rural and poor populations in the developing world.