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    Fabrice Vil is the architect behind a new professional in the public sports and education sectors that promote positive civic engagement and community leadership at large. He is systematically transforming sports coaches into skilled “life coaches” to support vulnerable youth to overcome adversity, thrive and become leaders and active members of society.

    Christian Grothoff builds a privacy-preserving and decentralised network architecture in order to (re-)claim the Internet as a secure and empowering space for the realization of human potential everywhere.

    Dea-gon Yi has created a citizen-led storytelling and publishing initiative to revitalize municipalities outside the Seoul metropolitan area. Through the “Hae-ri book village” model, and partnerships with education authorities and municipal governments, Dea-gon is demonstrating that cultural approaches can catalyze community renewal.

    From Social Entrepreneurship to Everyone a Changemaker – 40 Years of Social Innovation


    This issue of Social Innovations Journal is devoted to articles by Ashoka that paint a rich portrait of how and what it takes for social entreprene



    Jonas Staub, founder of Blindspot, is the new Swiss Ashoka Fellow 2018

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    Seth Flaxman, on the Future of Voting


    Seth Flaxman, creator of Democracy Works, describes "our shared challenge: how do we create a cultu

    Les meilleurs podcasts sur l'économie sociale et solidaire !


    Un premier pas pour appréhender le secteur de l’ESS :


    Isolation and inactivity among marginalized communities – from refugee camps to underprivileged neighborhoods – can have dramatic consequences such as violence and physical and mental health problems in communities. In response, Jérémy is defining a new standard for libraries in the 21st Century, repositioning their role in communities as key vectors of economic and human development.

    Miss Rizos works to eradicate the discrimination against the curly hair characteristic of Afro-descendant populations as a means of addressing broader issues related to race and color.