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    Mike Morrice is creating local networks of companies, citizen organizations, and governments to significantly co-create ambitious, yet realistic, public commitments to address global environmental challenges.

    George Roter has turned young engineers and the general public into the driving force behind a citizen movement that is educating the Canadian population and transforming their country’s approach to global development.

    Mandla Mentoor is encouraging environmental awareness and restoring pride and possibility to communities in South Africa by involving city residents–especially young people–in urban restoration projects.

    Shauneen Lambe is changing the criminal justice system’s treatment of young offenders from one of punishment and stigmatization into an opportunity for positive intervention. Through Just for Kids Law, Shauneen is reframing the way in which the criminal justice system interacts with children in the U.K. by training legal practitioners, advocating for legislative reform, and bringing legal expertise to tackle the root causes of youth offending.

    Njideka Harry is expanding the horizons of rural youth and their mothers who are farmers. Njideka does this by providing access to information and resources across the value chain, helping them to create more sustainable livelihoods in agriculture.

    Local businesses and entrepreneurs have the potential to stimulate economic growth in conflict-pronecountries, but are quelled by a lack of access to buyers and a lack of financing to increase production. Scott Gilmore is creating a new market for these producers, linking them to international aid organizations and multinational corporations by creating the processes, connections and trust needed to get these organizations to buy locally.

    Steve Leafloor is creating young leaders among First Nations and Inuit communities where sexual abuse, family violence, and school desertion are common. Using a blend of hip-hop dance and music and traditional Inuit performance arts as a hook, he guides youth and other community members to create comprehensive networks of support and solutions to these mental health crises.

    Janet Longmore takes practical steps to address youth unemployment through peer-led training, an interconnected global network and strategic cross-sector partnerships. Through modern technology and management training, Janet equips youth from around the world to become leaders of economic and social growth within their communities.

    Klára is championing inclusive education to transform the Czech educational system. She is building a national movement engaging students, teachers, parents, alumni, principals, policymakers and other stakeholders to address the longstanding pattern of segregated classrooms and underperforming schools, in the process changing national policies and practices and creating a network of high-performing inclusive educational institutions as models for the region.

    By strengthening women’s economic independence, Lis Suarez-Visbal is decreasing poverty rates among immigrant women in Canada while increasing their awareness of social and ecological practices.