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    Carlos Barrabes' Leadership Lessons Learned From Second Life


    Serial entrepreneur Carlos Barrabés is the founder of Barrabé, an e-commerce platf

    3 Ways The Conscious Fashion Movement Is Raising Its Game With Millennials


    The millennial generation, oh so coveted by marketers, 

    The Fellowship Program in Switzerland


    Discover here a number of stories relating to the Fellowship Programme designed for social entrepreneurs who have passed Ashoka’s Venture process and who are elected as Ashoka Fellows!

    Best Advice To Aspiring Entrepreneurs: Think Like A Toddler


    Paul Lindley, Founder and Chairman, Ella’s Kitchen (Credit: Ella’s Kitchen)

    The Future Of Business Lies In Hybrid Social Finance Partnerships


    (Luke Dowdney, Founder, Fight For Peace. Photo Credit: Fight for Peace)

    Conor Bohan


    Meet Conor Bohan, founder of HELP (Haitian Education & Leadership Program), Ashoka Fellow elected in Haiti in 2014, and part of the cohort of the SDC-Hystra program to support social entrepreneurship in Latin America. 

    An inspiring collaboration between two Fellows


    Ashoka Switzerland is proud to share the inspiring collaboration between two Fellows, Christophe Dunand (réalise) and Frédéric Bardeau (Simplon)