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    Jerry White and the Campaign for Healthy Homecoming


    Jerry White – global survivor activist, Nobel Peace Prize laureate, co-founder of Survivor Corps, and author of

    “Call them not your children, call them your builders”


    This post first appeared on the Global Health Ideas blog. It has been cross-posted with their permission.


    10 System-Changing Ideas for Health from the Newest Class of Ashoka Fellows


    As the summer season draws to a close, we can still enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables and spend lots of time outside.

    Paging Dr. Cell Phone


    How mobile technology solutions are bringing affordable, quality health care to the most remote places in the world

    Is it possible to provide high quality, low-cost health care to the neediest populations living in remote places? The answer is yes — and it lies in technology.

    A Huge Energy Came Through the Prison Walls to Me


    We in Hungary who are fighting for the freedom of an Ashoka Fellow Dr.

    Drishtee: Building a Network of Women Entrepreneurs in Health


    Imagine having to ask your mother-in-law before being allowed to visit a doctor for a check-up.

    In the Dark, Illuminating Empathy


    Raucous magazine vendors, horn-happy taxi drivers, multi-lingual chatter, the smell of hot dogs, and the kind of warm breeze generated by human hub

    How ROI (and other analysis tools) can save our social programs


    Social benefits are on the chopping block—with the United States’s unsustainable deficit, cutbacks are almost guaranteed.