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    How Can Higher Education Stay Relevant for the Workforce?


    When recent graduates hang up their caps and frame their diplomas, many find themselves standing in employment lines.  According to Influencer Design Challenge Team member Branka Minic, Director of Global Corporate & Government Affairs at Manpower, youth are facing unemployment for three major reasons.

    Being a Changemaker in a Changing World


    What does it mean to have the world’s sixteenth largest economy (which is growing rapidly), a population where 60 percent of people are under the a

    Social Entrepreneurship Is Bringing Purpose To Higher Education


    Higher education in the United States is facing a crisis. The rising cost of tuition is often how this crisis is defined, but when we listen carefully to the discourse, a different issue emerges: students, parents and employers are all expressing doubt about the value of an undergraduate degree.

    The Revolutionary Optimists: A Documentary - Children Making Change in the Slums of West Bengal


    “As a girl, I am always being told that things happen because of fate, but it’s the things I do, not luck, that determine my fate.” says Sikha, a y

    Top quality, peer-reviewed online education & skills training for free! Winner of the World Innovation Summit Education award


    Mike a serial social entrepreneur, Ashoka Fellow, and Harvard MBA who has previously created successful internet-based companies in telecoms and fi

    Georgetown announces a new Social Impact and Innovation Center


    Geogretown just announced a new center to promote collaboration among students, faculty and the private sector to foster innovation and provide a unique skill-set to generate concrete, solution-based social change.