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    I nomi dei 30 finalisti del concorso Generazione Anticorruzione


    Il 7 dicembre si è conclusa la prima fase del concorso Generazione Anticorruzione, che abbiamo lanciato l'ottobre scorso insieme

    Youth Must be Trusted to Lead in Africa


    Shootings and flying petrol bombs turned Mitchells Plain in Cape Town, South Africa, into a war zone for a week in late March 2015.

    The Babies Teaching Kindness in Class


    Naomi isn’t your average teacher. For one thing, she’s only seven months old.

    Everyone a Changemaker: Bill Drayton's Challenge to the World


    Bill Drayton invented the term “social entrepreneur” and founded Ashoka, the organization that supports 3,500 of them in 93 countries.

    A Corviale nascono i progetti della "Generazione Anticorruzione"


    Due giornate intense di formazione e progettazione condivisa, per affinare e portare alla luce le proprie idee innovative in materia di lotta

    Will a World of Changemakers Be Ethical?


    We now live in a world where everything is changing faster and faster and where each change ripples out and sparks more change.

    Everyone a Changemaker


    L'editorialista del The New York Times David Brooks ha dedicato alla visione di Ashoka un ottimo 

    In an era of vast flows of unfiltered information, when the general public often cannot distinguish between science, pseudoscience and anti-science, Theo creatively engages schools, scientists, journalists, and the general public to create a culture of science literacy.