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    Grégory Gendre is building a new environmental paradigm by setting up a national network of professional and local recycling communities. Grégory has proven the economic and environmental efficiency of local waste management, from collection to treatment and production of added-value recycling products and services.

    Anil is a 28-year-old mechanical engineer who has (prior to his election) been serving with the Royal Nepal Academy of Science and Technology in the field of appropriate technology.

    Long a well-known investigative journalist in Dhaka, Saleem Samad recently shifted his own work to focus on development and the environment. He founded a development and environment syndicate, Development Features, chiefly written by rural journalists for papers outside Dhaka. At the same time, he's organizing motivated rural journalists to use their writing to focus their readers' attentions on key development issues, to go beyond silent event reporting to becoming agenda-setters.

    Anna Johansson has developed a model physical and psychological rehabilitation program for disabled children and young people while educating community leaders to aid in their integration into society.

    Donna Morton is using tax shifting as one of many techniques that aim to align social and environmental needs with the market drivers and a range of economic incentives.

    Marc Kielburger is building leadership development and social engagement into the education system so that young people have opportunities to contribute in practical ways to building an improved global community.

    Larry Silberman is methodically building a sustainable national children's theater program for Mexico. In so doing, he is fundamentally transforming a field characterized by a weak financial base, declining government support, inadequate management and inappropriate productions into a positive force for social progress.

    In order to enhance the quality of life and the security of disabled persons, Al Etmanski, who is based in Vancouver, B.C., is weaving a safety net that can withstand both the death of their care-giving parents and the unpredictable changes in government-funded support services. Its strength derives from secured networks of family and friends, increased financial independence, and avenues for true contribution and citizenship.

    Frank Escoubès harnesses the power of civic creativity to create a new market for citizen experts to contribute to public and private policy change. By channeling citizens’ knowledge in a structured process, everyday citizen changemakers become “inventors of a world that is possible” with direct influence on institutions that wouldn’t otherwise have access to this rich knowledge.

    Guillermo Monteforte is empowering indigenous communities in Mexico to broaden internal debate on their place in Mexican society, while providing a new generation of leaders with a powerful tool for communication and expression.