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    Claudine Labelle is creating strong community networks to put sports back into the lives of teenage girls. She is increasing their self-esteem, and thereby improving their health, nutrition, and wellness as a whole through the use of sport and physical activity.

    Sandrine Faust, who comes from a family of educators, is democratizing education and changing power dynamics between students, teachers, and parents through platforms that enable peer-to-peer tutoring among these groups. Sandrine’s interactive website and phone help-lines allow for constant access to a wealth of resources and learning tools that help 1,000 children per night with their homework and turn them into peer educators.

    Lucie Chagnon is harmonizing employee-employer relationships through the first online open market for the provision of life-work balance services. This system of services that she has created helps employers become more sensitive to critical employee issues like health problems, reduced quality time with family and less productivity at work.

    Cindy Blackstock, a member of the Gitksan First Nation of British Columbia, is changing the discriminatory policies and actions toward First Nations children in Canada through a vibrant social movement. Cindy is building a new child welfare system by working directly with Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities and helping them translate their constructive and reconciliatory visions for child welfare into action.

    Manon Barbeau is restoring the Canadian aboriginal communities’ deeply damaged natural social structures by empowering young people and indigenous groups to connect with their communities through a professional film-making process. By creating an international network to cope with historic adversity, Manon is bringing about systemic change.

    Nijole Arbaciauskiene is pioneering a volunteer program that enables retired persons in Lithuania to define productive roles for themselves by participating in community programs and social development.

    Anil Patel is shifting citizens’ approaches to volunteerism from a traditionally periodic commitment to an integrated and long-term engagement plan that enables volunteers to increase their “civic footprint.” As a result, Anil is empowering the citizen sector to be a more efficient, interconnected and powerful system, while changing the mindsets of volunteers.

    Lily Lapenna created the first independent peer led youth banking program approved by the national banking regulatory body (Financial Services Authority—FSA) in England. In doing so, Lily is developing the next generation of financially literate and entrepreneurial citizens. In less than three years MyBnk has reached 20,000 young people across 57 partnering organizations.

    Babu Shrestha has designed Nepal's first comprehensive, sustainable urban solid waste management system. His initiative not only cleans up cities but also restores citizen participation in waste cleanup and reduction efforts.

    Brent Kopperson is transforming Canada’s electricity generation and distribution systems from highly centralized ones, dominated by non-renewable resources, to more decentralized, green and locally-owned systems. He is bridging social sector engagement and provincial level policy change to remove the structural barriers that have until now impeded the large-scale emergence of community-led and owned green energy sector.