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    Shona McDonald is addressing the challenges of children with mobile disabilities who live in peri-urban and rural areas of South Africa with an approach that puts postural education on the agenda of community-based clinical services, along with a range of tailor-made mobility products that can be assembled and maintained even in conditions with limited resources.

    Irene Torices works with people with disabilities, their families, and the professional community around them to ensure they can exercise their sexual and reproductive rights in an informed, free, responsible and healthy way.

    Fermín is democratizing access to potable water in rural Mexican communities using technologies and community models that provide access to low-cost, high-quality drinking water. Fermín’s ultimate goal is to allow everyone in these communities constant access to potable water while empowering community members with ownership and quality control of their water sources.

    Mathias Craig has developed a community-based clean energy model that relies on the local manufacture and maintenance of a hybrid wind/solar energy system along the impoverished Caribbean coast of Nicaragua. His organization, blueEnergy, uses a model that emphasizes the long-term accompaniment of rural communities.

    Pablo Romo’s Observatory for Social Conflict contributes to the peace process in Mexico by offering a thorough and timely understanding of conflicts and the ability to foresee and positively transform conflicts when they occur.

    Gilda Henríquez Darlas has developed a universal primary-school education program to equip children with the tools to become self-aware moral actors. Gilda is convinced that all people have the potential to develop empathy, compassion and wisdom if only given the opportunity to do so, which is the most fundamental purpose of her Universal Education model.

    Using volunteers trained in clown techniques, improvisation, and communication skills, Andrés Aguilar is promoting a culture of volunteerism and civic engagement throughout Mexico.

    Laura Lang’s Climate Change Friendly Program draws upon the respective strengths of four institutional partners—a citizen organization (CO), two academic institutes, and a private company—to make carbon emissions trading accessible for ordinary citizens and small businesses in Costa Rica.

    Katyna de la Vega has created a successful model to revitalize towns in the poorest parts of Mexico. Through creating a grassroots movement to redirect government investments already budgeted, she has been the catalyst for more than US$200 million in new investments, which has led to thousands of new jobs, ongoing economic growth, a surge in tourism, and restored civic pride and participation.

    In Central America, the breakdown of law and order during the past twenty years has led to high levels of domestic violence against women and youth, but violence in the home has been treated as a taboo subject and dialogue has been difficult in these polarized societies. Amy, an American who has lived in Nicaragua for 22 years, created Meeting Point to boost dialogue through workshops, magazines, and radio programs and provide an information hub for hundreds of small grassroots organizations.