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    Paulina is transforming the affordable housing sector in Mexico by empowering neighbors to strategically organize, identify key community problems, propose solutions, and implement their own projects to increase social cohesion and create vibrant and proactive neighborhoods. Through partnerships with developers, construction companies, and other private-sector actors, she is making autonomous neighborhood organizations the core of present and future housing communities.

    Atakan and Teyit are using the rising wave of misinformation in the reporting and sharing of information in digital and social media channels as an opportunity to enhance digital literacy in Turkey.

    Alberto Alfaro is increasing medical accessibility in Costa Rica through connecting patients with private-sector, expedited and specialized medical treatment, and complementing treatment with preventative education. Through building partnerships and connections with private hospitals, patients, and financial institutions, he is able to provide opportunities for those waiting far too long for care under the overburdened public health system.

    Village Energy is working to ensure that there is a skilled solar technician in every village across Uganda that, together, will form the basis of an elaborate national network of micro-franchises that provide the required information, technologies, installation and after-sales services to last mile clean energy consumers.

    Dan Acher is using creative placemaking to combat the isolation and separation between urban residents and build a shared sense of belonging. In doing so, he encourages citizen ownership of public spaces and invites residents to take responsibility for their city, ultimately leading to a more active and empowered citizenry.

    José is empowering Mexico’s construction workers to achieve higher levels of education and certification through highly accessible programs that strengthens them as learners, professionals, and people so that they can take control of their lives and break the cycle of illiteracy within their families.

    Inefficient and non-transparent public procurement, prone to corruption, is perceived as one of the key reasons, why citizens tend to lose their trust in the state. Jiri is addressing the loss of trust in the society toward public institutions and focuses on re-establishing this trust between the state and its citizens. He is transforming the way public institutions at the state and municipal level operate in terms of spending efficiency and delivering for the citizens.

    Yaşar is the founder of Beyond İstanbul, centre for spatial justice, which reverses the currently negative eco-political, dynamics behind Turkey’s destructive urban development through knowledge production, awareness raising, and creating participatory models for different stakeholders.

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    By intelligently combining agriculture and education, Christoph Schmitz has re-invented the way in which to restore our knowledge and understanding of environmental processes and thus sets the foundation for a whole new generation of people to think and act more sustainably.