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    Patrick Struebi’s experience with the world’s leading international commerce companies has led him to change the face of fair-trade exportation. Patrick is seizing the opportunity to broaden global markets while paying small producers a fairer price for their goods. He has developed a hybrid certification program, through his organization, Fair-trade South America (Fairtrasa), which links sustainable agriculture with community empowerment.

    By creating a network of Jesuit services and advocacy alliances for migrants throughout Canada, the United States, Mexico, and Central America, Vladimiro Valdés is tackling the continental problem of migrant vulnerability using a continental solution and marking an important departure from the current pattern of isolated and uncoordinated programs attending to migrants throughout North America.

    Teresa Shamah, a nutritionist and an epidemiologist, is implementing a more holistic and social approach to combating malnutrition among Morelos' poor rural children. She is training a team of individuals to go door to door to measure and weigh children to assess the level of malnutrition and educate the communities on how to best combat malnutrition despite their marginalization and poverty.

    Daniel is democratizing the support given to entrepreneurs in Central America by offering a unique program that acts as a catalyzer of social innovation, focusing on reaching every entrepreneur that wants to advance a good idea, wherever they are. Through Alterna, Daniel is breaking down the structural barriers that prevent entrepreneurs to flourish in diverse contexts

    Through LASeR, Mustapha is creating a process that recruits the best talents from societies where institutions cannot do it themselves, and focuses these talents on addressing their societies’ biggest issues and opportunities. Hence, Mustapha effectively addresses the problem of brain drain throughout the Levant.

    Santiago is transforming the way patients with chronic diseases access the existing health structures through the development of the first integrated system for primary health in Mexico, with the aim of reducing expenses and wait time and improving the interaction between patients and the healthcare ecosystem. Santiago enables patients and health providers to become active participants in the development of a high quality, patient–driven health sector.

    Patrick Holden founded the Sustainable Food Trust (SFT) to catalyse the transition towards a more sustainable global food system. Having been a leading pioneer of the organic food market in the UK 30 years ago, Patrick is now building a cross-industry coalition to design and introduce a broader, more inclusive approach to allow for sustainability in farming and food systems to become mainstream.

    Greta is investing in the abilities of Mexican youth and fighting structural deficiencies to create a more inclusive and future-oriented society. Through creating an index of dynamic information, engaging relevant partners in the public and private sectors and activating this essential demographic, she is mobilizing young people to become the designers of the future.

    Christian is introducing a new approach of sustainable, people-focused production centered on local resources. The goal is to bolster socio-economic development and environmental responsibility. Through his collaborative and education-based approach, he is empowering local economies and spreading sustainable, ethical production technology across sectors, disciplines, and cultures.

    Enrique is transforming the paradigm surrounding the mental disability in Mexico. By exposing the mentally disabled to the society and facilitating their independent adult life, Enrique is working to show the true value of these individuals as equally capable human beings. Through his organization Fundacion Incluyeme, adults with mental disability learn to work, commute, do chores, and live with roommates, through which they grasp the true meaning of self-determination.