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    Isabella Lenarduzzi is bringing women and men together to create a new economy, one that values work-life balance and diverse management practices, and thus reinvents what it means to be successful at work and in the home.

    By focusing on the blind and visually impaired, Gina Badenoch is transforming expectations about what people with disabilities can achieve personally and professionally. Gina’s organization uses photography and sensory experiences to change both blind and sighted people’s thinking with respect to human potential; regardless of physical or mental differences.

    María de los Ángeles Carvajal is an environmentalist working in the Gulf of California where she is creating conditions for more sustainable development through SuMar. As Mexico’s coastal regions are being excessively developed and communities are exploiting the natural resources, thus damaging the environment, María seeks viable solutions that incorporate conservation into policies and the daily decisions of coastal villages.

    Vivienne Schultz is creating innovative programs to address the psychosocial and developmental needs of prospective entrepreneurs to ensure that they are supported by an enabling and nurturing environment. Vivienne’s innovative three-pronged approach involves trainings in microenterprise development, resources, and a physical space to enable budding entrepreneurs to launch their projects, and continued mentorship to ensure that they are successful.

    Alvaro Ugalde is an environmental leader who helped establish the Costa Rican national park system. Although the pristine nature of the parks continues to be maintained, the surrounding lands and water systems are deteriorating because of deforestation and exploitive farming, aggressive developers, and changing government policies.

    Patrick Struebi’s experience with the world’s leading international commerce companies has led him to change the face of fair-trade exportation. Patrick is seizing the opportunity to broaden global markets while paying small producers a fairer price for their goods. He has developed a hybrid certification program, through his organization, Fair-trade South America (Fairtrasa), which links sustainable agriculture with community empowerment.

    By creating a network of Jesuit services and advocacy alliances for migrants throughout Canada, the United States, Mexico, and Central America, Vladimiro Valdés is tackling the continental problem of migrant vulnerability using a continental solution and marking an important departure from the current pattern of isolated and uncoordinated programs attending to migrants throughout North America.

    Teresa Shamah, a nutritionist and an epidemiologist, is implementing a more holistic and social approach to combating malnutrition among Morelos' poor rural children. She is training a team of individuals to go door to door to measure and weigh children to assess the level of malnutrition and educate the communities on how to best combat malnutrition despite their marginalization and poverty.

    Daniel is democratizing the support given to entrepreneurs in Central America by offering a unique program that acts as a catalyzer of social innovation, focusing on reaching every entrepreneur that wants to advance a good idea, wherever they are. Through Alterna, Daniel is breaking down the structural barriers that prevent entrepreneurs to flourish in diverse contexts

    Through LASeR, Mustapha is creating a process that recruits the best talents from societies where institutions cannot do it themselves, and focuses these talents on addressing their societies’ biggest issues and opportunities. Hence, Mustapha effectively addresses the problem of brain drain throughout the Levant.