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    Petra Vitousová is creating a volunteer-based support network for the victims of violent crime in the Czech Republic.

    With over a decade's experience dealing with drug-addicted people, Jacek Alaba has seen first hand the failings of the Communist policy of removing addicted people from Polish society. He is pioneering a community and work-rooted approach, which gives addicts a sense of dignity and responsibility.

    Elzbieta Szwalkiewicz has created a client-centered, long-term care model that involves family, medical personnel and governmental institutions. With a strong portfolio of positive examples, she is influencing public policies and introducing professional and structural legal standards for national care services.

    Katarzyna is developing a family-centered obstetrics system that provides quality services to pregnant women and their families. Her approach brings childbirth back into the home as a significant family-bonding and education process. By training midwives and developing the profession in Poland, she seeks to create a healthier culture of childbirth that promotes empathy, understanding, and good parenting.

    Dorota is establishing community foundations to provide small grants for youth-initiated projects. By doing so, she is empowering rural, underdeveloped communities in Poland and other parts of Central Europe.

    Jacek Bozek is building a citizen's movement to preserve Poland's rivers and to stop ecologically irresponsible development projects. His project thus far has focused mainly on Poland's largest river, the Vistula, which is one of Europe's last great "untamed" rivers. However, Jacek is expanding his work to other rivers in Poland and is working to export his model to the remaining natural river eco-systems throughout the continent.

    Gunesin Oya Aydemir is strengthening conservation efforts in Turkey by helping and supporting small but capable nature conservation groups move forward with efficient and directed initiatives that draw on the best strategies of a national network. As the president of Nature Society, she is launching a national conservation awareness campaign that aims to conserve Turkey's biodiversity.

    As founding director of the Pivot Legal Society, John Richardson combines strategic litigation, media outreach, and public education to address the structural and systemic legal challenges faced by marginalized people.

    Grzegorz Tabasz is a science teacher who has introduced a hands-on teaching pattern for science classes in public schools that takes students outdoors and involves them in the preservation of endangered species. The first program of its kind in Poland, it is spreading through teacher networks throughout the country.

    Drawing upon the experience of her own child, Elzbieta Pomaska-Skrzypczak is improving the quality of care given to children with cancer and to their families at all stages of their struggle with the disease, serving her clients' psychological and social needs while reinforcing their medical care. She has developed an innovative coalition between the Polish business community and the health care system.