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    Ricardo Hernandez enlists organizations and citizens in a common effort to resolve communal conflicts by promoting a culture of reconciliation, dialogue, and respect for differences in Mexico's multicultural society.

    Lourdes is helping rural women, one of Mexico's hardest pressed and least helped groups, become aware, organize and provide leadership -- initially regarding health, but ultimately more generally.

    Patricia Cabrera is working on a model to give personal and legal support to good-risk, first-incarceration prisoners and their families, to ensure early release and effective reintegration into post-prison life.

    While working to educate the people on a broad range of environmental issues, Hossain Shahriar is campaigning against the use of plastic, polythene and other products harmful to the environment.

    Hacer and ROMFO bring together Roma NGOs and communities across Turkey to unleash their potentials in bringing full citizenship to Roma people. Under the ROMFO umbrella, Turkey’s Roma people are co-creating solutions to their mutual problems, getting empowered by practicing changemaking first-hand, and consequently, challenging the stereotypes forced onto them.

    Manuel is establishing a Worker's Center in Mexico's second largest industrial city: Monterrey. The Center will deal with all aspects of workers rights, principally offering training for the formation of a democratic, non-corrupt and pacific trade union movement.

    Francisco Remolina, known as Paco, is introducing the domestication of white-tailed deer for consumption, commerce, and eco-tourism in order to promote the long-term sustainability of the Mayan communities in Mexico.

    Paul Cohen has developed a model of holistic community development in rural South Africa that supports land tenure, local economic development, the construction of sustainable housing, and restoration of links to the natural environment that promote a sustainable lifestyle. He had has introduced and demonstrated a model for a flexible, owner-built, low-cost, high-quality housing system for South Africa.

    Janusz Korbel is grooming informed environmental activism in Poland by training specialized "guardians of nature" in how to influence development decision makers to be sensitive to environmental consequences.

    Anne Charpy has developed a unique approach to restore community in France’s poorest urban districts, by connecting disempowered inhabitants with each other and with mainstream society. In doing so, Anne restores their trust in each other as well as in public and private institutions. Through this model, millions of marginalized people in low-income areas ridden with high levels of illiteracy, unemployment, and crime are experiencing improved standards of living.