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    Blanca Villaseñor established the first program in Mexico focusing on youth migration. Her Desert Youth Shelter provides a safe harbor for youth deportees from the United States, helps them to earn enough money to return home and conducts path-breaking research, human rights defense and advocacy for policy reform on youth migration.

    Lorena Cuerno has designed a model to engage youngsters in the fight against street crime and social violence in El Salvador, building on their own forms of social organization and expression to explore more hopeful alternatives.

    Carlos Vargas García, a doctor, is developing and implementing new strategies to provide safe, affordable, and healthy childbirth services for poor families in Mexico.

    By matching corporate donors with non-profit organizations that help children, Cecilia Suárez Trueba demonstrates new ways to reunite Mexico's estranged private and voluntary sectors.

    Larry Silberman is methodically building a sustainable national children's theater program for Mexico. In so doing, he is fundamentally transforming a field characterized by a weak financial base, declining government support, inadequate management and inappropriate productions into a positive force for social progress.

    Using new teaching methods in his own schools, Jorge is creating an alternative school system designed to spur improvements in education throughout Guatemala.

    By managing mobile medical teams that serve women in remote Mexican villages, Delia Villalobos is breaking the traditional silence that surrounds reproductive health care.

    By developing a new process of horizontal democratic participation in a region of resettled war zones, Ramón Arístides Valencia is helping communities both identify their needs for reconstruction and development and find ways to meet them.

    Carmen Valadez organizes women workers in maquiladora factories near the U.S. border with dreams of helping them to understand and pursue their rights under Mexico's domestic and international legal obligations. In so doing, she is in effect reinventing trade unionism for the niche in the globalized economy occupied by special export zones.

    Claudia Colimoro has dedicated herself to rescuing young women from drug addiction, exploitation, pornography and child prostitution, empowering them through vocational training, understanding of their sexuality, and improvement of their self-image.