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    Edgar Martínez is redefining dental clinics, particularly in rural and low-income communities, by proactively intervening in schools and communities to teach dental hygiene. Edgar thereby reduces the need for extensive dental care and makes high-quality dental care more accessible through his franchise network of low-cost dental clinics located in poor rural areas.

    Teresa Zorrilla has set up a national network of indigenous health projects with the aim of providing training and evaluation for health promoters from different ethnic backgrounds.

    Flor Cassassuce is involving marginalized populations living in extreme poverty in the process of engineering effective technologies to solve community issues in health, hygiene, and economic development by installing technology development community centers throughout rural Mexico.

    Manfred Kopper is ensuring that Costa Rica becomes carbon neutral through the mobilization of the public and private sectors to reduce their environmental impact. Through an innovative model of calculation and analysis, Manfred shows decision-makers their environmental impact in a simple and comprehensive way, then formulates corporate strategies that reduce and offset these impacts, adding value to the company and improving its competitive position in the long-term.

    Joy Olivier is creating a new link among youth, between successful graduates and their peers from disadvantaged backgrounds in need of support in their final year of high school; to significantly improve graduation rates, access tertiary education opportunities, and their chance to secure meaningful and dignified employment.

    Fabienne Venet is tackling the problem of Central Americans being extorted and abused as they go through Mexico on their way to the US by forming a smart network of organizations to change the fundamental problem of a lack of human right’s protections for the immigrants in transit.

    Using a network of technology-equipped centers, Jorge Camil Starr has developed a comprehensive basic and vocational education model for Mexicans in the urban and suburban bottom of the pyramid. This network forms a parallel infrastructure that complements Mexico’s public education system- with the ultimate objective of boosting access to economic opportunities for the most disadvantaged Mexicans.

    Karen Spencer’s organization, Whole Child International (Niñez Integral in Spanish), is working at every level of the childcare, and particularly, orphanage system, to improve quality of care and ultimately improve outcomes for the most vulnerable children.

    Through 1to1 – Agency of Engagement’s holistic model, Jhono is guiding the creation of a movement that aims to facilitate spatial designers in addressing the systemic issues that cause the socio-spatially unequal residential areas in South Africa.

    Flaviano Bianchini equips communities and grassroots citizen organizations (COs) with the ability to measure the harmful consequences of natural resource extraction and bring lawsuits against their perpetrators.