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    Scuola Changemaker

    Seizing the future: Why empowering young people will build a better world


    The world is changing, and it’s changing fast — much faster than our education system has so far been able to keep up.

    Reframing the refugee crisis to unlock solutions


    What if media outlets stopped referring to refugees as "burdens" and instead highlighted them as the social and economic actors that they are?

    The Age of Empowerment is Here (If We Want It)


    What’s driven an unprecedented shift to a better world? The truth is that hundreds of millions of ordinary people around the world have made a change for themselves by setting up businesses, coming up with innovations and generating wealth.

    Empowering teachers to empower young people


    Fueled by explosions in population growth, urbanisation and technological advancement — our world today is defined by accelerating volatility, comp

    Who knows the solution to the European migration crisis? The refugees themselves.


    Setting yourself the goal of turning some of the most miserable, hopeless places on earth into hubs of opportunity and creativity may sound like a

    Want true equality? Make everyone powerful.


    I just heard a story that I adore.

    Empathy 101


    Discover videos from Ashoka's 'Empathy 101' Video Series -- where leading innovators and educators explain (in two minutes or less) how to cultivate empathy.