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    Ngozi Iwere is the first in Nigeria to develop a model program for HIV/AIDS prevention that targets and involves the entire community instead of focusing on small high-risk target populations.

    An educator with 25 years of experience, Javier González has created a didactic game to teach basic skills such as reading, writing, and math to illiterate adults as well as school children.

    Promachote Traiwate is helping small scale rural producers to open new marketing channels which will allow them to sell their products directly to urban consumers.

    By focusing on what he sees as a critical group–young leaders in Pakistan's emerging, rural middle class–Lal Jan is returning control of rural development practices to local people to build consensus, design plans, and allocate resources according to the will of the people rather than to the dictates of tribal chiefs or powerful landowners.

    Orri Vigfusson has successfully orchestrated an international effort to conserve and restore the wild Atlantic salmon.

    Rolando Encinas has developed a process to preserve the history and strengthen the identity of the peoples of Bolivia based on recovery and performance of Bolivian music.

    Shaka Robert is boosting rural economic development by developing a model of professional volunteerism that channels energy and ideas into eradicating poverty.

    Working in the impoverished regions of Sri Lanka’s arid interior, Karunawathie Menike supports women-led business ventures as an entry point to a larger process of social transformation.

    Dalia Keita is improving the social status of repatriated women by focusing on innovative solutions that involve farming and especially processing of farming products.

    With a dynamic, simple and effective program, Martín Guzmán is extending universal access to visual healthcare across Venezuela. Acting as a catalyst, Martín is bringing together community, state institutions, and citizen sector actors, to work toward visual health for all, and to ensure their full participation in the academic and labor fields.