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    Thomas Magnet School

    Scuola Changemaker

    Why Role Models Matter For The CEOs Of Tomorrow


    Long processes, one-way communication, top-down decision-making—this was the norm when Istanbul-based Sina Afra started his career in consulti

    Is ‘Changemaking’ political?


    Ethan Zuckerman, director of the 

    What is the value of saying ‘hello’?


    Recently, I listened to a news story about a young teen was bullied by his classmates.

    New Economy


    #LeadYoung - Robin Chase: leading one entrepreneurial coup after another, like Zipcar


    If anyone understands the profound transformation of society that is now upon us, it is Robin Chase.

    #LeadYoung - Why Waste? Learning to See the Glass as Half Full


    Garvita Gulhati, now 18, is helping students in her high school see that age is not a limit to solving problems you care about.