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    Innovating to Create Health for All


    Who can best create outcomes that lead to the healthiest possible lives of individuals and communities? Leading social entrepreneurs are challenging the traditional patient-provider dynamics from an empathetic and holistic perspective. 

    Meet The Powerhouse Ashoka Fellow Ending Ignorance About Autism In India


    Back in the 80s in India, if you uttered the word autism, you were most likely to be met by a confused stare.

    Community of Care: The Ashoka Fellow Bringing Mental Healthcare To Kolkata’s Homeless


    In the hustling-bustling lanes of Kolkata, as life moves fast for everyone else, there is a population that is constantly left behind.

    Systems Change: A High-Level Summary


    We use the term system change to

    Vision - A Social Entrepreneur's Starting Point


    A vision is the starting point of any enterprise - social or otherwise.

    Purpose - The Guiding Star


    The journey of any social entrepreneur can be difficult, both emotionally and physically, and problems can sometimes seem insurm

    Ashoka Changemaker Forum


    [Seats are fully booked. No further registrations.