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    A Brazilian who worked for years in conflict zones in Africa, Yvonne Bezerra recognized the developmental delays of Brazilian children in favelas as the same as those of African children raised in the presence of civil war. Yvonne heals these children’s trauma and integrates them back into the education system so that they can grow to become full members of society.

    In the state of Bahia, in the northeast of Brazil, Sonia Coutinho has developed a center for arts and alternative education for adolescents with moderate learning disabilities that is remarkably effective in aiding their transition from school to productive employment and facilitating their continued intellectual growth. It is also playing an important role in heightening public awareness of the potential of such individuals for productive roles in society.

    #LeadYoung - Felipe Vergara: redefining access to education through a multi-million dollar financing innovation


    For many young people around the world, paying for college tuition locks them into decades of debt.

    #LeadYoung - Dario Riccobono: mobilizing young Italians against the Sicilian mob in Italy since he was 13 years old


    When Dario Riccobono was 13, his little-known hometown of Capaci in Sicily, Italy was suddenly thrust onto the world stage.

    #LeadYoung - A peer community helped Ajay find his power as a changemaker in his teens


    Raised in a farming village outside of Bangalore, India, Ajay Gopi was pushed to be an electrician like his father but he knew he wanted to explore



    In un mondo in continuo cambiamento è necessario ripensare profondamente gli obiettivi dell’educazione e l’organizzazione dell’apprendimento.

    Oltre le Colonne d’Ercole: ecco le nuove Scuole Changemaker!

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    L’ITE Enrico Tosi: "Radicati nel passato. Proiettati nel futuro"


    L’Enrico Tosi è una realtà storica di riferimento per Busto Arsizio e per i comuni limitrofi che, pur collocandosi nel varesino, non possono presci

    Il Galilei-Costa di Lecce: per apprendere bisogna mettersi in gioco


    Nel centro di Lecce - la “Signora del Barocco” – il Galilei-Costa-Scarambone è luogo di riferimento e simbolo culturale per tutta la cittadinanza g