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    Il racconto dei docenti che hanno partecipato all'Innovation Day on Education in Olanda


    Tornano pieni di entusiasmo i docenti italiani che hanno partecipato all'Innovation Day on Education organizzato da As

    Lead Young: Every child needs to be a change-maker


    Everyone can be a change-maker and it is never too early too start.

    Systems Change in Education: It Begins With Us


    Transforming education systems in this way must begin with us. We cannot create learning ecosystems if we are not modeling them ourselves.

    ChangemakerXchange | Giovani portatori di cambiamento


    Che cos’è il ChangemakerXchange?

    Politics in the wake of Brexit: In Conversation with Stephen Kinnock, MP


    Ashoka UK’s Meera Patel caught up with Labour MP Stephen Kinnock to discuss building a constructive politics in the wake of the vote to leave the E