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    Svolgi il tuo tirocinio curriculare presso Ashoka Italia!


    L'offerta è rivolta esclusivamente agli studenti che debbano svolgere un tirocinio curriculare per l’acquisizione di crediti format

    Il racconto dei docenti che hanno partecipato all'Innovation Day on Education in Olanda


    Tornano pieni di entusiasmo i docenti italiani che hanno partecipato all'Innovation Day on Education organizzato da As

    Lead Young: Every child needs to be a change-maker


    Everyone can be a change-maker and it is never too early too start.

    Young changemakers build a global team of teams to promote well-being


    All of us are living in a time where mental health and well-being are challenged in unprecedented ways: be it from global economic crises, war, hig

    4 Evolutions in Social Innovation Education Happening Now and the 4 Evolutions to Come


     Four key evolutions of social innovation education that Ashoka U has observed from our 30 Changemaker Campuses and our global network of 150 colleges and universities advancing social innovation.

    Seizing the future: Why empowering young people will build a better world


    The world is changing, and it’s changing fast — much faster than our education system has so far been able to keep up.

    Want true equality? Make everyone powerful.


    I just heard a story that I adore.

    Thomas Magnet School

    Scuola Changemaker