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    Pillar II : Support to early-stage social entrepreneurs


    The second Pillar of this program aims at building a solid pipeline of social entrepreneurs in Latin America and the Caribbean, with a special focus on SDC priority countries, starting with 20 new Ashoka Fellows.



    Prospect Sierra

    Scuola Changemaker

    A Neoliberal Takeover of Social Entrepreneurship?


    The focus of social entrepreneurship should be not the “enterprise” but the beneficiary.

    Ashoka in Italia


    Il video di lancio di Ashoka in Italia - Febbraio 2015

    Reconciling the sectors of technology and social economy in France, Frederic Bardeau is developing new mechanisms of social inclusion and full citizenship. Based on the enormous demand for people who have basic digital knowledge such as coding and information technology, he is opening unexplored integration opportunities in the web sector to offer immediate sustainable work for at-risk populations.

    Ashoka Canada's Impact: Large-Scale Systemic Changes


    From the beginning, measuring the impact of our efforts has been a top priority for Ashoka.

    L'innovazione a impatto sociale


    L’attività di Ashoka si basa su un concetto di imprenditoria sociale legato all’etimologia stessa della parola, che ha

    ChangemakerXchange | Giovani portatori di cambiamento


    Che cos’è il ChangemakerXchange?

    ChangemakerXchange Singapore-Malaysia 2017


    Apply now to the next edition of ChangemakerXchange in Asia!