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    All America: We See Changemakers Everywhere!


    Imagine a country where social problems don’t outrun solutions and where all Americans participate in social change, no matter who they are or where they’re from. This is what we’re working toward. 

    'Tough Guy' Farmers Stand Up To Italian Mafia — And Win


    Calabria is Italy's poorest region.

    Pillar IV: How do we foster Economic Inclusion in Latin America ?


    Since 2014, Ashoka has partnered with the Swiss Agency for  Development and Cooperation (SDC) to empower social entrepreneurs – Ashoka Fellows with globally scalable innovations for poverty alleviation - to grow their impact and replicate their model in Latin America, through two Globalizer Summits in Bogota and Buenos Aires.

    Pillar III : How do we facilitate access to finance and other resources for social entrepreneurs?


    In order to facilitate access to finance and other resources, 10 outstanding entrepreneurs are selected every year to participate in an acceleratio

    Pillar V: Knowledge and capacity building


    The fifth Pillar of this program aims at disseminating knowledge about social entrepreneurship within SDC, among its partners and more broadly with

    Mark Edwards: Upstream USA


    Angelou Ezeilo: Greening Youth Foundation


    Lennon Flowers: The Dinner Party


    Kohl Gill: LaborVoices