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    UBS Social Innovators Program 2016


    The UBS Social Innovators Program aims at selecting and supporting social entrepreneurs, who deliver innovative solutions to society's most pressing challenges at the national and international level. 

    Past Globalizers


    Ashoka has been holding Globalizer programs for our Fellows since 2010. Read more about all of the Globalizers that have happened from 2010 until now.

    Stories of Co-Creation


    Co-creation is a form of business strategy that views markets as forums for firms and active customers to share, combine, and renew each other's resources and capabilities to create value through new forms of interaction, service and learning mechanisms. Discover some powerful stories of co-creation here!

    The Fellowship Program in Switzerland


    Discover here a number of stories relating to the Fellowship Programme designed for social entrepreneurs who have passed Ashoka’s Venture process and who are elected as Ashoka Fellows!

    Social entrepreneurship


    We are proud to present a collection of stories about the amazing changemaking social entrepreneurs that Ashoka Switzerland supports!