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    E' iniziata l'era dell’Empowerment


    Se vi piacciono le sensazioni forti date un’occhiata all’ultimo obiettivo dichia

    Georgetown announces a new Social Impact and Innovation Center


    Geogretown just announced a new center to promote collaboration among students, faculty and the private sector to foster innovation and provide a unique skill-set to generate concrete, solution-based social change.

    Moving from Startup to Growth: 7 Surprising Changes during 7 Years leading Ashoka U


    The last seven years working on Ashoka U have been a rollercoaster, but I have to admit that I loved every minute.

    The Age of Empowerment is Here (If We Want It)


    What’s driven an unprecedented shift to a better world? The truth is that hundreds of millions of ordinary people around the world have made a change for themselves by setting up businesses, coming up with innovations and generating wealth.