SDC I3 Latam CH

In order to facilitate access to finance and other resources, 10 outstanding entrepreneurs are selected every year to participate in an acceleration program - I3 Latam.  The specific objectives are two-fold:

  • To provide these social entrepreneurs with advice and the necessary tools to develop and validate their business strategies (strategic growth plan).
  • To link them with funding sources in order to enable their strategies and prepare them to seek investment.

The acceleration program is divided into three phases: 1) Training Needs Strategy and Identification, 2) Development Strategy for Growth and 3) Analysis and Validation of the Growth Plan .


This initiative is  led by New Ventures Mexico, a leading organization in the field of social business and impact investing in the region, founded and led by Ashoka Fellow Rodrigo Villar. It is part of the four-year program led by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, Hystra and Ashoka to support social entrepreneurship in Latin America.



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