Rebecca Van Bergen
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Rebecca van Bergen, the entrepreneur behind NEST, is bringing visibility, fairness, safety, and accountability to the garment and apparel industry's millions of home workers, most of them women in developing economies.


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What's missing is visibility and protection for work that's done by home workers who are working within complex supply chains. Van Bergen has created a multi-stakeholder approach including brands, vendors and artisan businesses to create the first set of compliance standards for work outside of a factory in homes or small workshops.


Michael Zakaras is Director of Strategy & Partnerships at Ashoka U.S. He is also co-founder of Ashoka’s ‘All America’ initiative which focuses on pushing the boundaries of social entrepreneurship beyond the traditional coastal circles. Michael has previously worked for Ashoka in Ireland and Central Europe, and has participated on selection panels for social entrepreneurs across the globe, from Montreal to Warsaw to Istanbul. He has a particular interest in food and agriculture policy, criminal justice reform, and more democratic economic models, and writes regularly about these issues and more on Forbes online. He grew up in Brussels, has worked in the California wine industry, and holds a Master's in Public Policy from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

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