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I partner di Ashoka collaborano per investire nelle persone e nei modelli di imprenditoria collaborativa necessari nel mondo di Everyone a Changemaker®.

Boehringer Ingelheim

Il Gruppo Boehringer Ingelheim è un’azienda farmaceutica presente in tutto il mondo guidata dall’innovazione e che opera a contatto con diverse culture e società.

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C & A Foundation


The C&A Foundation and Ashoka have partnered together to improve the safety and accountability of all people in the fashion value chain. Ashoka and C&A are working to tap into this important driver of economic mobility for people worldwide to continue impacting the clothing industry.


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Catalyst 2030

Catalyst 2030 is a collection of social entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, corporations, independent individuals, civil societies and governments, who have all come together in an effort to answer a simple question with a very complicated answer: How can we ensure the United Nations Sustainable...

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A global collaborative for systems change, focused on improving the lives of millions of people around the world.

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Echoing Green

We discover emerging social entrepreneurs and invest deeply in the growth of their ideas and leadership. Over 30 years, we've built a broad, dynamic ecosystem to support these leaders as they solve the world’s biggest problems.

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