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A Special Power: Ensuring that Information Technology is Good for All

This article originally appeared on Ashoka

Some of the world's leading social entrepreneurs are working to ensure that  the powerful digital technologies shaping our world will serve the good of all.

They are creating key institutions, such as Wikipedia, while building and defending the legal, economic, and organizational frameworks needed to ensure  the truthfulness of the massive and instantaneous flows of information generated by these technologies. Their efforts are aimed at enabling all people, starting with children, to be digitally literate and therefore both safe and fully able to benefit from these technologies and the information that flows through them.

Learn how social entrepreneurs have built systems to defend and protect the integrity of the Internet and the rights of all who come into contact with it, and to ensure that the information it spreads is truthful, and that children are safe. Others are using digital technology to make quality healthcare more widespread, and to help farmers thrive. 

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Ashoka's Special Power series shows that individual Ashoka Fellows and the overall Ashoka movement have a very special power in field after field. On every continent, the Fellows have pioneered one important new way after another. Each of these entrepreneur’s proven, practical social change innovations help the others with technical learning, new power levers, new ways of organizing, and increasing public support.

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