Impact Programme 2014

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Ashoka Belgium launched its “Energy for all!" IMPACT programme in 2014 in partnership with the King Baudouin Foundation. This second edition was based on active project leaders in the sector of energy conservation. 11 projects in the sector were selected to participate in the programme. More information

The 2014 winners were:

  • Levanto, for their unique approach of « energy coach » and do-it-yourself for the insulation of roofs, known as an important measure in the fight for energy conservation they received a €3.000 prize. 

  • Samenlevingsopbouw for their ‘energiezuinige huishoudtoestellen’ project; the panel was impressed by their innovative financing models, the niche of electrical home appliance models they received a €3.000 prize.  

  • Le Logis Châtelettain and Empreintes shared a €3.000 prize, each receiving €1.500; the panel were impressed with their work on the attitudes of users, the potential impact and the desire to co-create together; these prizes were awarded to encourage their partnership. 

    When you are on the inside, you do not realise all that the IMPACT programme offers but a few months after, I felt that the project was a lot more clear and proceeded to be easier to convince

Astrid de Visscher, Coordinator at MicroStart Support Asbl